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A True Crime Trilogy: Ten More Docs You Absolutely MUST See

If you enjoyed Parts 1&2 of my 'Ten Documentaries to Watch' series (so...twenty to watch so far if you're counting) and felt like you needed more recommendations, then you're in luck! Fortunately, my interest in the True Crime genre has never wavered and I continue to watch documentaries constantly. I'm excited to present this list to you, because I genuinely enjoyed each of these docs and quite a few of them evoked a ton of emotion from me while watching.

1) Murder Mountain (Netflix)

Although this docuseries is now a couple years old, it was still wildly entertaining to me. Directed by Joshua Zemen, this series focuses on people growing and selling weed on the black market in a mountainous region of California. It also touches on a number of people who went missing in the process. This series takes you into the search for one of the missing men, the people involved in 'Murder Mountain' and the war on marijuana as a whole.

2) Amanda Knox (Netflix)

By now, most people know or have at least heard of the Amanda Knox story. If you haven't, though, then this documentary is perfect for you. Directed by Brian McGinn and Rod Blackhurst, this doc does a great job detailing the events endured by Amanda Knox, both in and out of the spotlight. It also covers how the media and tabloids spun her story into something that largely wasn't true.

3) American Murder: The Family Next Door (Netflix)

If you still haven't seen this documentary by now, I just want to ask you: why?!? Directed by Jenny Popplewell, this doc details the horrific murders committed by Chris Watts of his wife, Shanann and his daughters, Celeste and Bella. Although this documentary doesn't entirely do the whole case justice, it's still a great depiction of how senseless these murders were and how tragic the deaths are. If you'd like to hear more discussion on this case, I had some strong words for Chris Watts on our October 9th episode of True Crime & Chill.

4) Athlete A (Netflix)

I'm not afraid to admit that this documentary made me cry, because my heart breaks for what these women had to endure. Directed by Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk, this doc details the sexual assault case involving hundreds of members of the U.S. Women's Olympic Gymnastics Team, as well as the horrific acts committed by former Michigan State doctor Larry Nassar. Additionally, it details the uncomfortable cult-like conditions that these girls had to endure in order to both make and ultimately remain on the Olympic Team.

5) Who Killed Little Gregory? (Netflix)

This documentary was recommended to me by a few people and, after finishing it, I totally understand why! Directed by Gilles Marchand, this docuseries brings attention to the tragic murder of a 4-year-old French boy, Gregory Villemin. Not only was Gregory's murder heartbreaking, but this series details how there still hasn't been justice brought to his loved ones. Can you figure out who the murderer was?

6) The Invisible War (HBO)

If you remember the horrible and untimely murder of Vanessa Guillen from earlier this year, I regret to inform you that Vanessa isn't the only woman to fall victim to violent sexual assault while in the military. Directed by Kirby Dick, this documentary details the staggering statistics behind these crimes and also includes survivors courageously recounting their stories. If you're unaware of the frequency and severity of violent sexual assault crimes in the military, I highly recommend that you watch this documentary, as it will shock you.

7) The Mystery of D.B. Cooper (HBO)

If you love a good unsolved mystery, then this documentary is definitely for you. Directed by John Dower, This doc details the case of a man who hijacked a plane and demanded ransom, only to then parachute off said plane and disappear. To this day, authorities and investigators still don't know the identity of D.B. Cooper, but they have been able to identify some suspects. Do you think you can figure out who did it?

8) Lorena (Amazon Prime Video)

When I saw that this docuseries was available, I decided to watch because I thought it would detail the insane case of Lorena and John Bobbitt. However, I was dead wrong, because it was WAY more than that. When I started this 4-part series, directed by Jordan Peele (Yup -- that Jordan Peele), I don't think I moved a muscle; that's how much of my attention it captured. By the time I was finished, I was blown away and there was no doubt in my mind that this was the BEST True Crime documentary i had ever seen. I cried, felt anger, sympathy, sadness and relief. Until now, I honestly cannot say that I'd ever felt this much emotion watching one of these docs. Thank you, Jordan Peele.

9) Who Killed Garrett Phillips? (HBO)

If you can't tell by now, I absolutely love mystery and unsolved crimes. This two-part series, directed by Liz Garbus, details the terrible murder of 12-year-old Garrett Phillips. In 2011, a boy was murdered and, although prosecutors thought they had their guy, it turns out that they might have been wrong. This documentary is great, because the evidence presented leads you to believe that one suspect did it, but your opinion shifts by the end. Do you think Potsdam prosecutors had the right suspect? Do you think they should have questioned someone else? Either way, Garrett Phillips still deserves justice.

10) Impact After The Crash (Amazon Prime Video)

On May 14, 1988, a drunk driver in Kentucky collided head-on with a school bus carrying 67 people, killing 27. To this day, this collision remains the worst recorded drunk driving accident in U.S. history. Directed by Jason Epperson, this documentary details the events preceding the crash, how the survivors made it out alive and how this horrific accident has affected their lives in the years since. Drunk driving is inexcusable and this documentary is a prime example of what can happen when you make that stupid mistake to drive while impaired. I have a lot of respect for how the survivors and surviving family members have handled the crash and this doc does an absolutely phenomenal job telling their heartbreaking stories.

After three installments in this blog series, this may be my favorite one yet. These ten amazing documentaries give viewers the opportunity to learn more about cases that really deserve our attention. Each doc was incredibly thought provoking and proved to be incredibly emotional for me. I hope that you all get the chance to see these docuseries and wind up enjoying them just as much as I did!

- Gabby (@moneybagsgabs)



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